Modern warehouses have to employ pickers, but this can be a flashpoint for mess and complications. Below we share some tips on how to improve and streamline operations for your distribution centre or warehouse.

This Checklist Will Make Your Team Better Pickers

Do Your Employees Have the Same Knowledge?

To ensure picking efficiency, you need to supply consistent training to all your staff. Arrange regular meetings to make sure that everyone knows how to pick and perform counts, even if they don’t do this day-to-day. This will stop bad habits forming and ensure that everyone is on side.

Take On Board Employee Feedback

Even with superlative training, some processes might fail to function the way you would like. In these instances, ensure that staff can approach you with feedback, suggestions and questions about procedures. This could lead to improvements being made.

How Long Does Delivery of a Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) Take?

Time how long it takes for employees to pick and deliver key SKUs. This provides the most significant measure of how well your processes work. If your workers are taking too long to reach the shelves or find items, you should start reviewing your processes. Changing item locations might break down a bottleneck.

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This blog supplies some warehouse best practice suggestions:

This Checklist Will Make Your Team Better Pickers

Arranging SKUs by Importance

A convenient way to reduce picking mistakes and travel time is arranging your SKUs by item volume and sell-through rate. The most popular stock must go on lower shelves in easy-access areas with no traffic to get out of the door quickly. Where the traffic is extreme, think about storing the best-selling items close together to ensure they are easy to find.

What Are Your Transport Methods? 

Do your employees transport things by hand or is there material handling equipment for heavy loads? Do you have gravity conveyors? Review the means by which your products are moved around (and the number of ‘touches’ they receive) to help reduce delivery time.

Are Your Inventory Counts Accurate?

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how speedily your stock moves around your warehouse – the system is compromised if you lack the right items and quantities. Perform inventory counts frequently, ensure that any mistakes are accounted for quickly and learn lessons from your errors.

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